Endorsements for Christie Minervini or City Commission, Traverse City Michigan

October 16, 2019

Effective and thoughtful

Christie Minervini and I have worked together on community projects for several years. She is undoubtedly the most effective and thoughtful person I have worked with since I began my volunteer work here in Traverse City over 40 years ago.
   She is dedicated to keeping the character, while improving the viability, of this community. Her business acumen together with her understanding of human needs has served the residents of Traverse City well.
   As a City Commissioner, Christie will undoubtedly put her skills and attitude for thoroughness, fairness, and creativity to work on city issues. I can't imagine a better person to help lead our community in these challenging times. -- Marilyn Jaquish

October 15, 2019

Honest, open-minded and forward-thinking

   I have known Christie Minervini since our daughters were very young, and our friendship means the world to me. She is honest, open-minded, and forward thinking. Her business sense is outstanding.
   Before Christie moved to Traverse City in 1998, she visited our new library because she believes that it is a good indicator of the vibrancy and health of the community. I found her thought process to be fascinating.
   Since that time, she has continued to immerse herself in the workings of our city, and her track record of community service speaks volumes about her dedication. -- Tammy Hagerty

October 6, 2019

Committed to studying issues

   I know Christie from my time working with organizations in the community to provide shelter and housing for the homeless. She is a person who is a good listener committed to studying issues and developing plans to address community concerns, even when challenged by differences of opinions.
   She is a community leader whether serving on the Board of Safe Harbor, advocating for children on the Board of the Children’s Museum, supporting women leaders through her work with Woman-to-Woman, or running a business. Christie possesses the character and skills required of a Commissioner to do what is good for Traverse City. -- Jane Hayes


October 4, 2019

A long record of service

   This letter is to state my support of Christie Minervini, who is running for a 2-year seat as City Commissioner in Traverse City.  
   I’ve known Christie for six years, mainly through volunteering with Safe Harbor, Traverse City’s seasonal homeless shelter. This, along with her long record of service in many areas of the community, has made her a jewel to this area. I am convinced that she would be an asset to City Commission.
   Her compassion for people experiencing homelessness, thoughtful decision-making on the Safe Harbor board, tirelessness and wit have shown me time and again that
she is a born leader.
   Christie is a thoughtful listener, a fair-minded team player, and someone who is open to trying new solutions once she has heard the facts.
   As Traverse City continues to grow and change, we need someone who can guide and safeguard people’s rights to affordable housing, encourage more local career opportunities, and promote maintaining safety for all, while retaining Traverse City's unique character.
   Voting for Christie Minervini in November for City Commissioner will be a positive step for Traverse City! -- MaryEllen Sanok

September 30, 2019

A 'doer' who gets things done

   Christie Minervini is a compassionate leader who is open, honest and transparent. She listens carefully and acts thoughtfully. She has demonstrated her patient, kind, persistent approach as she helped improve conditions for people experiencing homelessness and was active in the creation of  the first Traverse City Arts Commission.
   Christie is a strong voice who will honor Traverse City's history while working tirelessly to make the future even better for our families, businesses and community.  She is a "doer" who gets things done and I wholeheartedly support her for the City Commission. -- Marsha Smith

September 2, 2019

Honest and knowledgeable

   I first met Christie Minervini when I was a city commissioner and we worked on the Safe Harbor project together. At the time, I found her to be honest and knowledgeable.
   Since then, I have come to appreciate her integrity even more. I've followed her writings for the Northern Express, always thoughtful and fact-based. I've routinely seen her at lectures, public meetings, and philanthropic functions. And my brief involvement with the Traverse City Arts Commission cemented my belief in her leadership skills.  At all junctures, I found her to be thoughtful and kind.
   Recently, I witnessed her in a leadership role with Woman2Woman, handling it beautifully. Imagine my excitement when she told me was running for Traverse City Commission!
   How fortunate for our city to have an opportunity to elect a woman who is not only creative and a successful business person, but who has already contributed so much to the vitality of our community. I heartily endorse Christie Minervini for City Commission and sincerely hope you do too. -- Jeanine Easterday

July 11, 2019

Perspective and demonstrated ability

   I have known Christie for over 15 years, first as a friend and then as a partner in developing Safe Harbor's emergency winter shelter. Her offer to help with this project came without anyone asking her; she simply knew what had to be done and volunteered her time and talents for four intense years to create an invaluable community resource.
   For anyone else, this would be a crowning volunteer achievement, but shortly after the ribbon cutting, she started working on the next community need she thought she may be able to help address. I don't believe that I know of anyone else who is willing to roll up their sleeves to solve a challenge quite like she does. 

   Christie is a determined person, but she also has a collaborative attitude to make things happen. She is the kind of person who takes the time to listen to everyone involved, uncovers win/win inclusive visions and strategies, then has fun getting the work done. She is a friendly, yet a responsible kind of a leader. You don't come across that combination of traits very often, but when you do, projects get completed and everyone is impressed with the outcomes. 

   Christie has spent most of her adult life surrounded by both the history and the future of Traverse City. She has had a front row seat to the transformation of so much of this community -- from the Village at the Commons as a part of the Minervini family, to the downtown as a one-time business owner on Front Street, to the civil rights of our citizens with her work on homelessness and human rights issues, to the arts and culture as an arts commission member and volunteer and supporter of the film festival.

   When you look for someone who is tasked with shaping the future of the city, I don't think there is anyone else that can bring her perspective or demonstrated ability to make things happen.  -- Peter Starkel

July 21, 2019

Tireless dedication to community

   We are very proud to endorse Christie Minervini to fill the two-years remaining on Michele Howard's term on the Traverse City Commission. Her passion for Traverse City combined with her clearly demonstrated and sincere concern for the well-being of the less fortunate living in our community are key attributes that set Christie apart from other candidates.
   She has successfully spearheaded efforts to establish and operate Safe Harbor while she was running her own retail business, writing a regular opinion column, and serving as a leader on several area boards and commissions. Since moving here four years ago, Christie has stood out above all others in her efforts to improve the community.
  Please consider voting for her this November. She has repeatedly shown the desire, the sincerity, and the tireless dedication necessary to be a successful City Commissioner who represents all of the residents of our fine community. -- Rick and Kathy Brown

October 13, 2019

A tremendous asset

   Thoughtful. Intelligent. Caring. Dedicated. I’m voting for Christie Minervini this fall because she is all of these things and more, and will be a tremendous asset to our community as a City Commissioner.
   Christie is a critical thinker, curious and willing to put in the work to dive deeply into the details of the important issues facing our city understand how certain policy decisions will affect different members of our community.
   Not only that, but Christie has already demonstrated a level of caring and commitment to the City by serving in a number of civic roles, including as the Chair of Woman2WomanTC, and as a Board Member of the City’s Human Rights Commission as well as for the Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities.
   Finally, Christie carries herself and operates in all facets of her life with the utmost integrity. I absolutely trust her to deal with the multi-faceted issues that the City will face in the coming years, and hope you will join me in voting for Christie on November 5th . -- Ross Hammersley

October 12, 2019

Trusted to study and listen

   Trust is a major factor in all our decisions in relationships, business or politics. We have learned over the years that trust --"assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone" -- is the bedrock of our support of Christie Minervini.
   We can trust that Christie will carefully study an issue, listen to opinions and make solid decisions. Please join us in electing her as City Commissioner on Nov 5. -- Sheri and Steve Constantin

September 20, 2019

Wisdom, passion and integrity

   I had the privilege of serving on the Human Rights Commission with Christie and I was always impressed with her dedication to improve our community. To see people with such investment is invariably refreshing, but when those people choose to direct their passion toward elected office, it is truly exciting. My first conversation with Christie centered on civility and her solution-focused earnestness was indelible. I've witnessed first-hand her courage to speak up for what's right, even when it's difficult. Her positions are well-thought through and informed by experience. She engages willingly with others. Because of this, her opinions are held in high regard in many circles of our town. These are qualities we should all seek in a City Commissioner.
   Traverse City is at a crossroads. Young families and professionals are leaving. Fewer are choosing to relocate here. Enrollment at our schools is declining. Businesses are closing or limiting hours not because of a lack of patrons, but because they can't fill positions. Our town can do much more to support and encourage those who would choose to build a life here. Christie's focus on affordable housing and enhancing opportunities for young adults and families is essential if we are to maintain and grow Traverse City's opportunity, community and vibrancy.
   Additionally, we need now, more than anytime in recent memory, people to champion civility and bridge-building. Whether politically, socially, or otherwise, we have become perilously divided in this country. If we don't find ways to come back together, I fear the consequences wile be dire. Since I have known Christie, she has demonstrated true passion for unity and bringing people together. I couldn't be more excited to see that perspective infused in the decision-making centers of our community.
   Add all of this up, along with her commitment to water, history, and infrastructure, and it's hard to see who among us wouldn't benefit from Christie's wisdom, passion and integrity. Having her voice at the table ensures that a humane, just and conscientious perspective will always be a part of the conversation. It is for these reasons that I enthusiastically support Christie Minervini for City Commission. -- Taylor Nash

September 8, 2019

'The right stuff' to guide Traverse City

   I have known Christie Minervini for more than 15 years and have been impressed by her numerous accomplishments across a broad spectrum of endeavors.  She's succeeded in business, community volunteerism and activism, family and friendships, and in being up-front and forward in her efforts to be a part of maintaining and growing Traverse City as a great place to live, work, and raise a family. 
   Christie is pragmatic and an independent thinker, not bound by political conventions or the pressure of her peers.  Her frequent columns in local media have been spot-on, written with a firm, knowledgeable grasp of the subject matter, but with empathy and civility for those that may disagree with her clear opinions.  As a successful entrepreneur, she has also demonstrated that she has "the right stuff" to help guide Traverse City in policies that address critical issues such as talent attraction, availability of housing, availability of child care, and ensuring that as Traverse City grows, it grows in a planned, responsible way.

   I trust Christie to always make her decisions as a member of the Traverse City City Commission based on fully understanding all the facts of each issue and on what's in the best interest of the entire community, including how it impacts the region, both in the near- and long-term. -- Doug Luciani

August 8, 2019

Intelligent and a quick study

   I write this letter in support of Christie Minervini's candidacy for the City Commission. By way of background, I am a city resident and have practiced law in the City for 40 years. I have served on a number of regional boards: Community Mental Health, Goodwill, Safe Harbor, and the group that initiated what became Munson Manor.

   In my time involved with these various entities, I have never encountered a better Director than Christie has been, during our shared experience with Safe Harbor. She is a hard worker who does her homework. She takes on more than her share of
responsibility and prepares adequately to fulfill her duties. She has a breadth of experience in business, retail and in relevant public issues. She is very intelligent and a quick study on unfamiliar issues.
   In addition, to mimic my teacher friends, Christie "plays well with others." She interacts well with people and listens to others' viewpoints. Really listens. Respectfully and with a willingness to modify her own position if someone else offers meaningful support for a contradictory position.
   She will be an ideal City Commissioner, uniquely experienced and qualified to serve our community.

-- George Thompson

July 18, 2019

Listens and understands all points of view

   We are proud to support Christie for the City Commission. She will bring to that body increased leadership, vision, and the ability to thoroughly research, consider, and understand data and all points of view.
   Leadership indeed starts with vision: "Where is the City headed?"; "What is the best path to get there?" We need someone with vision, not someone who reacts, and Christie can help us get there.
   As veterans of both the Planning Commission and the Housing Commission, we both understand the challenges facing the City. Christie owns her own business and has a broad background of business development together with an extensive degree of community involvement. She was a key figure in the development of a permanent facility for Safe Harbor, and has had roles as Chair of the Arts Commission and a guest columnist for Northern Express. Christie currently sits on the the Human Rights Commission, among other boards.
    This broad array of both community and business involvement gives her a unique perspective in both understanding, and addressing City issues. It is important to truly listen to all voices, and Christie has demonstrated this ability.
   Ultimately, a citizen’s vote is a matter of determining the needs of the position and how the candidate's qualifications best meet those needs. This is, in a sense, a hiring decision.
   Again, we both wholeheartedly support Christie and recommend to everyone that she get the job! -- John and Kay Serratelli